Our Process

Southcrest is a Certified General Contractor that specializes in new construction with experience in almost every type of building. Once obtaining permits, our construction team will mobilize all equipment and facilities onto the jobsite and break ground almost immediately. Time is of the essence and every additional day that goes by is an additional day your business can’t open so we always move as quickly as possible. Once mobilized and construction begins, our team will conduct onsite meetings with our subcontractors regularly to evaluate progress and determine ways to streamline the construction schedule.

When the job is nearing completion, our team will work with your company to get you set up for success on building walkthroughs on how to use and properly maintain the facilities systems. Along with this, we will provide you with a total closeout package that will consist of all paperwork that has gone into the project from permitting to O&M manuals. We at Southcrest know how stressful this process can be for our clients, so we try to make it as smooth and organized as possible.

Why Choose Southcrest?

Our construction team has a perfect track record of hitting timelines and budgets all the while keeping a clean history of no jobsite injuries and/or subcontractor liens. We believe in being very professional on and off the job and pride ourselves in our ability to keep our clients up to date with the most recent schedules and progress photos at their fingertips through our cloud-based software.