What we do

Southcrest has a team of Architects, Engineers, and many other consultants that work together to take a piece of raw land and turn it into a fully approved property with engineered site plans and construction plans. This process begins by collecting reports during due diligence that will help define the site characteristics. During this period our team of project managers will work together with your business to design a building that best fits your needs.

Once all of the reports have been finished and we have sign offs on the building design, we will work with our architects and engineers to start the formal design process and work closely with the related municipality on getting all required approvals and permits in place.

Why choose us?

Our team has a long history of working with design teams and has the unique ability to efficiently lay out building and site designs that will give our clients the best product that also consists of components that are very efficient and cost effective. When we give a budget for a project we are always sure to control all aspects to stay within that said budget.

Along with designing efficient buildings and site plans, we also know what it takes to work with municipalities to streamline a process to be completed on time. There are many moving parts when working on site approvals with municipalities and our team is conditioned to be in regular contact with all of the key contacts at all times to make sure no deadlines slip and the project remains on schedule.

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