We identify, research, and negotiate sites based on your needs.


We understand that finding a location for your business can be difficult. That is why at Southcrest we have a team dedicated to finding and acquiring sites that are tailored to our client’s needs. This is a process that is very comprehensive and when done correctly, can put your business in the best possible position to succeed. 

Site selection begins with learning about the prospective business and determining the desired location the business wants to be in. From there, our team will provide your business with certain regions within these counties that are believed to be best fit through detailed demographic and mapping presentations.

Southcrest - Site Selection

After this research is done, our team will begin to select specific sites by determining many different criteria such as zoning, site conditions, offsite improvement requirements and more. Once specific sites are determined, we will make contact with the different land owners and begin purchase contract negotiations.



Southcrest understands the importance of due diligence. Choosing the wrong site can be very costly to a business and these start up costs are often times what makes or breaks a company. What separates us from our competition is not only do we choose sites, but we also develop them and manage the construction.

Having this knowledge allows us to see things ahead of time that are often missed and can be extremely costly to your business. Having the ability to understand existing site conditions and other hidden costs allows us to drive a hard bargain when negotiating purchase prices with land owners.

Choosing Southcrest for your site selection will help mitigate a lot of the risks involved in the process and will help to keep you within your desired time frame and budget.




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